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Outcast - Alex Douglas 3.75 stars. Entertaining Scifi Romance. This story follows the crew of the Outcast as they drift from contract to contract, looking for a big payout so they can buy a bigger ship. The half-breed crew escaped from a planet (Akilia) whose inhabitants are dying. The inhabitants experimented with breeding among other off-world species to cure their diseases but the half-breeds (ku-tah) survived while the original inhabitants continued to die off. The captain, Prez, hires a new co-pilot (Lan) from the planet Aldor where the people are telepathic and have very different and traditional ideas about sex and love. Lan is like a fish out of water as he learns to fit in with the rambunctious, irreverent and lusty crew.The author is in no hurry to get the two MC's together. Nor is he in a hurry to consummate their eventual union. Instead, much of the emphasis is on the adventures the crew have, their bond, and their unhappy ties to their old planet, Akilia. There are some sex scenes in the beginning of the book between the MC's and other characters, but they don't feel off because they are integral to the story and anyway the two MC's are not together or feeling any real attraction to each other at that stage. Even though their relationship is well described and is the catalyst for all the other things that happen in the story, I still felt as though the passion and love between Prez and Lan was lacking somewhat until the very last moment.There are quite a few funny moments and characters. I loved Flack, the (temporary) spider, the trip where they had to deliver the 'untouched' princess, and the coming-full-circle feel of the 'home planet' they finally visit (this is where the origin of Prez's name is discovered). I felt a little uncomfortable when Prez's back-story came to light. His history with Garlo was dubious and sad.This is a really interesting read for Scifi romance fans.