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Losing Better (Superpowered Love, #4)

Losing Better - Katey Hawthorne This is my least favourite of the Superpowered Love series. I just didn't like the narrator, Gabriel, at all. I found him to be cold and self-righteous and I didn't buy his long-winded philosophical ponderings about the rights and wrongs of policing vs vigilante-ism. I was behind Andrew all the way. Although I found Andrew's lifestyle a bit bizarre. What does he actually do with his time? He seems to spend most of it putting on parties for teenagers and students?? I thought he was too old for that lifestyle. There are a few threesome scenes in the story which just made me believe less in the depth of the connection between the two MC's. The HEA/epilogue felt manufactured and half-hearted. Despite my negative reactions I do enjoy the series and will continue to follow it although I'll probably wait for other reviews first to make sure I'm not picking up a ménage story by mistake.