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Shadow Scars: Rogue Wolf Book One: 1 (Haven City Series)

Shadow Scars (Rogue Wolf, #1) - Zoe Perdita The blurb sounded really good but unfortunately the book didn't totally live up to it. It's about Seth, a detective still suffering from guilt and grief after the death of his partner. Seth is also a seer in that he sometimes gets visions of the future which may or may not come true. His melancholy is disturbed when he is assigned a new partner, Conner, a rogue wolf whose family betrayed him and left him for dead. Conner is trying to start a new for himself in Haven. One of my least favourite sources of conflict for two MC's is the lack of communication trope and both Seth and Conner kept secrets long past the time it would have been sensible to confide in each other. In fact Seth is still keeping secrets at the end of the book even though they both promised each other not to do that anymore It frustrated me when they would have such passionate emotional sex scenes then revert to being terse, angry and uncommunicative. The sex scenes were good but they jarred with where the guys were in real life. I also felt there was too much telling of how they were feeling and not enough showing. I would have preferred more detail in the murder investigation/paranormal part of the story. It looks like this is the start of a series so I'm hoping that these two elements are more complex in book 2. I'll probably buy the sequel because I'm interested to see how the guys come out at work and how they catch the villain.