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Unexpected Family

Unexpected Family - Nate Tanner 3.5 stars. The story behind this novel made me curious to read it. The author usually only writes explicit gay erotica but apparently this tale was in his head and he decided to take a chance on writing a romance instead. It's a nice story about two single dads and their 10 year old boys becoming friends and finally falling in love and becoming a family. The guys - adults and kids - feel natural and real. I enjoyed their conversations and all the typical 'guy' things they got up to. There's not too much angst. There's not much sex either, just one brief and vaguely euphemistic description of the first time they get together. I think the author went a little too far from his previous style cause one proper sex scene wouldn't have hurt. But it's not too bad at all. Reminded me somewhat of Jeff Erno's writing style. Much better than I expected from the author of [b:Banged by My Buddies|16147134|Banged by My Buddies|Nate Tanner|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1352777112s/16147134.jpg|21981013]! lol