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Laying Ghosts (Deputy Joe, #3)

Laying Ghosts (Deputy Joe, #3) - James Buchanan 4.5 stars. I love these characters and would have enjoyed this book even if it was just to join them in their everyday lives. The sense of place, the deep twang of Joe's voice and the way he and Kabe relate to each other are so inviting and familiar. But the author includes an intriguing cold case that involves Joe's family and an accident that makes him question his sexual relationship with Kabe that turn it into a top-notch story. There were a few typos unfortunately - I don't usually notice them so there must have been a few for me to pick it up. I wonder if Joe and Kabe's story will end there? It did seem to round out the whole series but I wouldn't mind visiting with them one more time. Here's hoping!