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Winter Wolf : A Werewolf Romance On Snow

Winter Wolf : A Werewolf Romance On Snow - S.P. Wayne I'm having really good luck with m/m shifter romance so far this year. Each book just keeps getting better. I loved this story about wild reclusive young werewolf Axton whose wilderness seclusion is disturbed by a handsome city boy who begins to spend his holidays in a nearby cabin. Axton's skittishness and distrust slowly dissolve as the two men become closer and closer. This is a real slow burn romance. They don't get together till about 80% but the build-up is worth it. I couldn't resist Axton and his loyal unrequited love for Leander. It was so poignant. There's a very hopeful HFN ending but I feel I need some more stories about these two. How does Axton go in the city??? What about his pack? The townspeople? Will they accept what's going on? Highly recommended for m/m shifter fans.Edit: Saw this on the author's website: The start of trilogy! Will werewolf Axton get to die alone as a peaceful hermit, or is he going to do something stupid like fall for the attractive and meddlesome human next door?COMING IN SPRING and SUMMER 2013:City wolf and Running Wolf