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Love Bites: A Feral Hearts Tale

Love Bites: A Feral Hearts Tale - D. River Unique and complex take on the m/m werewolf genre. The book is set in a New York similar to our own but one where witches, vampires and all things occult are the norm. Ex soldiers and best friends Tucker and Ryder are attacked and bitten while walking in Central Park. They are horrified to discover they turn into werewolves at the next full moon. The plot is a great mix of fantasy and action and follows the MC's journey from human to werewolf and from friends to soulmates. Along the way they are manipulated, hunted, and come close to death. They also receive help from surprising sources and make new friends. They struggle against their new reality and fight even harder against the overwhelming attraction they feel for each other.Even though there is a soulmate/bond theme, there is no insta-love in the sense that many m/m romance fans have grown tired of. It's a very satisfying slow burn love. The sex scenes (yes there are some furry ones too) are excellent! The author has taken the GFY trope and turned it completely on its head! I especially loved the way that friendship was such a huge issue for Tucker and Ryder. And even though they fall in love as well they never lose that boyish enjoyment and utter loyalty they shared all their lives.Thank God there's a sequel. Highly Recommended!