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Gasp! - Z.A. Maxfield Great rocker romance from Z.A. Maxfield. Nigel Gasp is a 39 year old rock legend. He soaks up adulation and attention like the rest of us breathe air. As his fans and detractors say 'Nigel Gasp is the life of the party. That's what it says on the tin'. When his manager Deidre needs time off to look after her new baby she calls on her ex-army vet brother Jeff to look after Nigel and keep him out of trouble. At first Jeff wants to throw him in the river but his feelings soon change.Nigel's a great character. The author really emphasises his musicality and prodigious talent which makes it easy to accept and forgive (and even enjoy) his outrageous behaviour. He does grow a lot during the story but I did question at one point whether he changed so much that we lost sight of who he really was. I didn't want him to be completely tamed. There's not much UST between the MC's. They get together and fall in love quite quickly. Jeff is an honourable, protector type and is a great foil for Nigel's excesses. I really liked that he took a long time to decide how he could fit into Nigel's circle and didn't let go of his own needs and aspirations.This author does tend to use a lot of time jumps in her stories. And in Gasp there is quite a difference in focus and pace between the first and second halves of the story. My favourite part was when Nigel and Jeff are alone in the mountains. The sex scenes are fabulous! A little bit of cross dressing is always a plus for me too. Although once they head their separate ways there's not much more sex apart from over-the-phone and fade to black. I actually missed that physical connection in the latter part of the story. I could have spent some more time with the MC's at the end. Especially to see how Jeff fit in to the touring lifestyle. But it's a lot of fun and I would definitely recommend it for m/m rock romance fans.P.S. I liked the way he got his surname!