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How to Save a Life (The Haven)

How to Save a Life - Sloan Parker This was a real drag. So many clich├ęs. I've never liked reading the villain's POV in mystery novels and I didn't like it in this book either. The mystery plot was very predictable and full of holes. The villain was one of those psycho serial killer types who inexplicably seem to be able to outwit and outfight all the good guys at every turn. The fight scenes were not well done. Kevin was hard to pin down in regards to personality. He seemed quite inconsistent. The klutzy thing was overdone so it stopped being cute. I started skimming the sex scenes about 25% in. There were too many of them for what is supposed to be a mystery novel and I wasn't really interested in the MC's. I just found myself very easily distracted every time I picked this book up and tried to read it.