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Zombies Ahead (Club Zombie, Book One)

Zombies Ahead (Club Zombie, Book One) - Z. Allora 2.5 stars. When two well dressed Americans arrive at Kai's small farm in Germany he finds his abusive uncle has sold him to the strangers for an unknown purpose. (And that's about the sum of character development and back story Kai gets in this book.) Kai is understandably surprised to find that he's transitioning into a zombie. The Americans (Beau and Lafayette) are taking him to their zombie haven where he can safely learn about his new life. Kai seems to be taking everything in his stride until his new friends tell him that all zombies are gay. For some (hilarious) reason that seems to freak him out more than being one of the undead. But these zombies only survive by ingesting semen.Kai's new life is occupied by getting to know his gorgeous, ex-priest, zombie room-mate Jasper, reading a book of true love stories about zombies, and enjoying the entertainment at Club Zombie. Anything goes at Club Zombie, where the young un-mated zombies meet to get their sustenance. There are rooms that cater for all kinks and even a luxuriously appointed 'Glory-Hole Alley' with golden cushions for your knees and nice pictures to look at on the wall while you're um... 'donating'. There's HEAPS of sex in this book. But it's quite well written. Better than you'd find in your standard Siren publishing novella. The blurb makes it sound like a big orgy but in fact it follows the 'mate-bond' trope. Kai and Jasper don't get together until later in the story (and they only have eyes for each other) so while we're waiting the author entertains us with lots of sex scenes involving some of the other mated pairs in the community. As with all m/m series there are plenty of other potential mates being introduced who will no doubt star in later books. This is definitely B-grade zombie erotica. The characters are under-developed and the writing is fairly simplistic. The zombie mythology is non-existent and there's no scary eating of brains. But on the positive side the story is totally tongue-in-cheek and amusingly zany. And fans of smut will love the sex. I've always thought zombies are the 'B-grade' monster of paranormal romance so for me they fit well into the 'B-grade m/m romance series' style.I've read some of this author's self-published rock star novels and I noticed on her website she has some ideas for other series which made me lol...Club Zombie The Dark Angels Made In China Cambodian Dreams The Ladyboy Chronicles Viking Haven