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A Wealth of Unsaid Words

A Wealth of Unsaid Words - R. Cooper Touching Christmas story about a man with bipolar disease who meets up with his best friend after a year of deliberate separation to see if he can make it on his own. I love the intense wordy style of this author. The half-sentences, insecurities and interruptions that prolong the HEA for as long as possible really feed my preference for a slow-burn romance, although I know they can be frustrating to some readers. But it's always worth it in the end as the heroes come together in some of the most intense, poetic and erotic love scenes in this genre."Not want you?" His voice was rough. "Everett, I'd lay you down right now in this thin blanket of snow and take you." Everett's eyes widened, but Alex's mind was racing, the images coming at him too quick for him to hold them back. "The cold air would touch you and then my mouth." He moved back into Everett's space, and Everett groaned. "My hands. Naked, Everett. I could bite your long limbs and lick the grace from your words and shock the neighbours with what obscenities I'd drive from your lips."