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Why the Star Stands Still (Gives Light, #4)

Why the Star Stands Still (Gives Light, #4) - Rose Christo 3.5 stars. I enjoyed this glimpse into Sky and Rafael's lives 15 years after the events in book 3 but I kind of felt like Sky's father who has been in prison the whole time - I felt like I missed all the important bits of Sky and Rafael's life. Rafael made good on his promise to give Sky his voice back but now that he can speak he has lost some of that vulnerability and serenity that made him so special. The story seems more sappy and lacks the sense of realism that pervades the other books. On the positive side it was great to see what the gang grows up to be. Zeke is a social worker of all things. I never would have imagined! Poor old Granny has passed away in the interim. I missed her. And the origins of Sky and Rafael's foster daughter are a sad suprise. My favourite character in this book is Sky's father, Paul Looks Over. Lost and severely depressed after his incarceration, he is the heart of this novel.