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St. Clair (Gives Light , #3)

St. Clair (Gives Light , #3) - Rose Christo Book 3 in the Gives Light series. This book has a more ominous and serious feel. Skylar is growing up. The threats to the Reservation, the Shoshone way of life and the relentless pursuit of Skylar's father by the FBI make for some dramatic scenes. And Skylar faces another threat from within which is a lot harder to fight. I could see the trials and tribulations changing Skylar and Rafael and slowly turning them into men. Through it all though their love never falters. Not for one second. There are still many beautifully romantic moments between them to keep me happy.What is more noticeable in this book however is the author's own voice. I admire her writing and her opinions greatly but I have to admit there are several times when Skylar is talking and all of a sudden I realise that it's the author talking - no, shouting - her opinions directly to me. Because I'm so interested in this tale I can still appreciate and enjoy it but it might be a bit much for some readers. The book ends without a full sense of finality and closure so I'm happy to see that the author has written a fourth book (free on Smashwords) set several years in the future. I'm glad I wasn't one of those readers who discovered this series when it was only going to be a trilogy. I would have been slightly disappointed.