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Looks Over (Gives Light, #2)

Looks Over (Gives Light, #2) - Rose Christo Book 2 in the Gives Light series. This follows Skylar and Rafael over several months on the Nettlebush Reservation. The main themes are Skylar's precarious position as a ward of the state and the shocking truth he learns about his heritage. The lack of representation and self-determination for the Indians is horrifying. What the 'law' can get away with made me furious on Skylar's behalf. But despite those serious issues the book is very upbeat and romantic. We are treated to Skylar and Rafael's growing love affair and the fascinating and funny goings on of their friends and families. Many Shoshone fables are shared and I'm filled with affection, fascination and admiration for these people. At times it's hard to remember I'm reading about fictional characters. It feels like a true story. I'm continuing straight on to book 3.