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Aiden's Luck

Aiden's Luck - Con Riley 4.5 stars. Aiden has been struggling to support his family since his father's suicide. He is living on the edge of a nervous breakdown, barely coping financially, working long hours, and unable to tell the truth to anyone. House-sitting for a friend gives him some much needed space until another guest, a forward, outspoken, beautiful Italian named Marco moves in with him. Marco shakes up his tightly wound world and Aiden tries to freeze him out. But as the cracks start to appear he realises Marco may be the one thing he needs the most.The book started slowly. Initially there are many references to past characters which I found a little distracting. Aiden's stubborn anger and the way he keeps pushing Marco away when you know how much Marco loves him is frustrating. But I like the way the author slowly revealed the reasons for his pain. Like peeling away the layers and revealing the beautiful person underneath. Marco is so GORGEOUS! I loved his bossiness and European dramatic flair. The way he taunts Aiden by sunbathing in his Speedo and sunglasses and the way he makes him kiss him goodbye are two of the many intensely sexy things about his relentless pursuit. The rest of the book is about their growing relationship and the many emotional hurdles Aiden has to overcome to get his life on track. The secondary characters are really important to the story. Aiden's family history plays a big role in the plot. The story of how Evan came into their lives is really touching. Other plot points like Aiden's Mum's struggle to take control back of her life, Levi the thieving shop assistant, and Aiden's ongoing issues with Joel (his brother's boyfriend) all dovetail neatly to make for a very layered complex story. What surprised me the most is the strong presence of Ben (Theo's deceased lover in book 1 and Marco's brother). It almost feels like the whole series has come full circle as we see Ben's influence in Aiden and Marco's lives even though he's no longer there.This is a deliciously angsty story. There are lots of emotional issues for our heroes to overcome but the author doesn't take any shortcuts. They heal through time, acceptance, and some much needed therapy. There are such strong themes of love, jealousy, and family in this book. I pretty much cried constantly the last 20%. It's a really beautiful ending.This author writes some of the best sex scenes ever! Loved every one of them. I don't know if this is supposed to be the third in a trilogy or if there's another book coming. Evanand Joel have been simmering along quietly in the background now for three books but they still don't seem to have everything worked out. I wonder if they will get their own book? I'd love to read their romance in their own words one day.Definitely start this series with book 1 - [b:After Ben|15719572|After Ben (Seattle Stories, #1)|Con Riley|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1340510356s/15719572.jpg|21391740].