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Hostile Takeover

Hostile Takeover - EM Lynley 2.5 stars. Unfortunately I didn't really enjoy this book although in the last 1/4 it did improve. Chase betrayed and left Mathias nine years earlier after choosing his evil father's approval over Mathias's love. Now he's back and determined to get Mathias's attention by any means possible.Basically the characters aren't likeable. When Mathias doesn't respond favourably to Chase's initial overtures, Chase forces a hostile takeover of Mathias's family business, seduces Mathias's fiancée away from him, and causes Mathias's father to go into hospital. The fiancée, Brooke, is portrayed as an empty-headed, avaricious schemer. It's a good example of the worst kind of female character in m/m romance. The characterisation wasn't even consistent as she vacillates between being a nympho slut one minute and frigid the next.Mathias is the least immoral of all the characters but I still struggled with his spineless acquiescence to Brooke's machinations. I also felt the blindfolded sex scene was totally out of character.The other problem I had was with all the flashbacks. This is a personal peeve of mine so perhaps it won't be a problem for other readers. The book does settle down in the last quarter as the extremes of behaviour stop and the guys fall back in love. But it was too late for me.