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Wake Me Up Inside (The Mates Series)

Wake Me Up Inside - Cardeno C. 3.5 stars. Young Alpha Zev has always known who his mate is. Lifelong friend Jonah. But Jonah is human and dreams of becoming a doctor so even though it causes a lot of pain and anguish Zev lets him leave town to follow his dreams without telling him the truth.Cardeno C. writes this story in a clean expository way. It's not high on descriptive passages or imagery. And it's less emotionally fraught than his previous books although it still has a lot of this author's trademark sweetness and intensity. The shifter mythology is basic but I still enjoyed it. It's a solid novel that I think plenty of people will like. And you can never have enough m/m shifter series IMO!BTW I love the cover and the title. The song by Evanescence goes through my head each time I see it.