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Campus Visit

Campus Visit - Stella Huerto Wonderful example of a friends-to-lovers romance. In this book Damien finally acts on his bi-curious urges and contacts his old friend Alex, who is gay, to help him out. The story follows Damien and Alex's progress from friends-with-benefits to real love. Their journey is challenged along the way by Damien's confusion about who he is and his burdensome responsibilities for his family and their farm. While Alex's life takes a very different turn with an exciting new job in a foreign country.The author builds the emotions up slowly but surely and there's a brilliantly swoon-worthy moment at the end involving a 'Je t'aime', a camera lens, and the beautiful streets of Lausanne. On the downside I found Damien and Alex's small town homophobic/misogynistic childhood nemesis, Max, a little too one dimensional as the villain. Recommended for fans of contemporary romance.