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Saving Sean (Seattle Stories)

Saving Sean - Con Riley 4.5 stars. Another seriously good m/m romance from relatively new author Con Riley who is now on my auto-buy list. In Saving Sean, unlucky-in-love paramedic Peter is sent on a mercy mission to save the younger brother of Maggie (a friend of Peter's 'ex' Theo, with whom he is still infatuated). Peter can't refuse and spends his vacation helping idealistic young conservationist Sean go through his deceased father's cabin. A lot of pressure is on Sean to finalise the estate and sell the cabin and land to a big consortium but he is not coping with the memories that it brings back of his cruel father and lost mother. Sean's vulnerability and wild beauty becomes increasingly important to Peter as he learns the difference between infatuation and true love.I just want to share some of the things I really like about this author's style. Firstly the realism. Our MC's are not isolated. They are part of a group of fully fleshed out secondary characters that have significant roles to play in helping our heroes reach their HEA. The issues surrounding the loss of a parent, sibling relationships, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder are all incorporated into the plot in a way that just increases the reader's enjoyment and knowledge of the characters. The fact that Sean starts to exhibit some of his father's symptoms as the pressure mounts up is an extra touch that cemented my belief in the story.Other things like the sex scenes which are among the best I've read in this genre. There are only one or two that progress to full anal sex, most are mutual BJ's or frotting, but they are so incredibly sensual and FUNNY! I found myself laughing as the guys joke around during the act. I like that it's not always serious because that's what it's like IRL. I LOVED the ongoing joke about Peter who blurts out everything that comes into his mind without realising that he has spoken. Some of the most tender moments come from this little idiosyncrasy he has. I appreciated that the dialogue was interspersed and grounded in images and descriptive passages about where they were or what they were thinking. There is one little writing technique that impressed me. I don't know if the author even meant to do it. But in the beginning of the novel before Peter realises that it's Sean he wants and not Theo, I would be reading a chapter then at the end Peter would reminisce about a kiss or significant conversation he had shared with Sean that was not mentioned as it happened. It's like Peter blocked it out or couldn't believe it happened at first until he had time to relive it later by himself. It piqued my interest and slowed down my ultra-fast reading habit as I went back and forth to find clues about their growing attraction.The only thing that took me aback was Sean's habit of running off when a conversation got too deep or confronting. He just seemed to take off at top speed aimlessly into the distance mid-sentence. I found it a bit WTF?? type of behaviour and wondered if Peter would really have found that such an attractive trait or whether he would think it was odd.Anyway obviously this book is right up my alley in regards to style and plot. I noticed someone mentioning about editing. The only problem I saw was in the last chapter when 'if' was used instead of 'of' and Sean's name was spelled 'SSean'. So don't let yourself be put off reading this for editing issues. It's a cracker of a book and the third novel is set up in such a way that you WON'T be able to resist buying it. Can't wait till Aiden and Marco! Bring it on!!