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The Other Guy

The Other Guy - Cary Attwell 4.5 stars. This book has one of the most irresistible first chapters I've read in a while. It's impossible not to relate to good-guy Emory and his bad luck with love. After being jilted at the altar he goes to Thailand alone and meets Nate who re-ignites his passion for life. But Emory is still too wounded emotionally to let someone in, so they part, not thinking they will ever meet again. Several months later Nate turns up and a beautiful friendship starts.This is just a lovely gentle story. Emory is quite flawed in many ways. He seems to let things happen to him rather than go out and grab life by the balls. But the author is able to make him totally relatable. I was so invested in his journey to a HEA with the steadfast Nate. There's no sex and even though I didn't miss it I would have liked to see Emory questioning the physical side of his new-found gayness amongst all his internal dialogue.