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The Cat & the Crow

The Cat & the Crow - S.  Hart 3.5 stars. An unusual m/m romance set in a feudal Japanese-style town where women have all the power. It's about the beautiful and oppressed Tarro whose unloving wife recently committed suicide. His mother-in-law is truly evil. She blames him for her daughter's death and has taken his children and plots to ruin his life.Tarro is a very complex character, fearful and superstitious, desperately missing his children and increasingly fed up with the public charade that his marriage was happy. He is persuaded to mentor a young man (Nerin) who is having trouble accepting a marriage contract and the two of them are unable to resist falling in love. But Tarro's mother-in-law has more punishment in store for him and Tarro must decide if he will fight back or lose everything.Lovely atmosphere in this story. I enjoyed the Japanese-style setting and the villain was enjoyably scary. Tarro has a very appealing fragility that made me want to see him escape from the hell he lives in and get his HEA. But it was also frustrating at times and I was glad when he finally stood up for himself.