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Fifteen Shades of Gay (For Pay)

Fifteen Shades of Gay (For Pay) - T. Baggins 3.5 stars. Unconventional m/m romance that mixes true romance with family loss and a glimpse into the world of male escorts. Andrew, an out of work actor, gives up a promising job in his home town to care for his dying sister in New York. The financial situation becomes desperate so he takes a job as a male escort for gay clientèle. The problem is that Andrew is straight. The story is in three intersecting parts. There is Andrew's growing romance with Cormac, his very close and loving relationship with his sister, and his jobs with the escort agency which bring him into contact with some strange people. Andrew also has a conflicted relationship with his father that gets sorted out in the course of the novel. And Cormac has to decide if staying in the closet is worth losing Andrew.So there's a lot going on in this novel and for the most part it's an appealing emotional journey. The author doesn't shy away from the difficulties her protagonists face. I think if she hadn't made Marie's fight with cancer so real the story could have been just another run of the mill m/m romance. But this sadness balances out the sweet romance between the MC's and the sleazy aspects of the escort business, and it shows Andrew for the strong and lovable person he is. My biggest problem was Andrew's astonishingly sudden change from being terrified and inexperienced with men, to completely taking charge with Cormac and in other situations in his job. And I found it difficult to believe that Cormac could still be a virgin. Plus the scenes with Paresh/Sven were a weird fit with the rest of the story although I can see they acted as a catalyst for changes in Andrew's life.This is an angsty, funny, sad, romantic, sexy, complex, slightly kinky, inspirational romance that I'm glad I read but probably won't pick up again.