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Steel's Edge (Novel of the Edge)

Steel's Edge -  Ilona Andrews Knowing this book is the last in the series made it a bittersweet read for me. I love the world of the Edge, the Broken and the Weird. The author demonstrates her usual talent for swashbuckling fantasy and heroic romance. But I did have some regrets. Richard and Charlotte fell in love too quickly for my taste. Although I think it had to happen that way since they were separated by circumstance for the last third of the story. And there was a definite feeling of wrapping up several disparate story strands very quickly at the end. The last-minute subplot between Sophie and Spider, one of the most truly evil villains I've read, was too rushed. There needed to be a whole book devoted to his demise. But Charlotte's healing/destroying power and the moral dilemma it presented to her made for dramatic reading. As usual I lost myself in the marvellously rich and imaginative locations and secondary characters the author created. I want to see more of Jason Parrish! And the city of Kelena (I may have spelled that wrong). I loved seeing all the characters from past novels sobEleonoresob. BTW George and Jack still RULE! lol.