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Sixty Five Hours

Sixty Five Hours - N.R. Walker 4.5 stars. Another fabulous freebie from [a:N.R. Walker|5819370|N.R. Walker|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1335318776p2/5819370.jpg]. I'm so grateful that she's made these available to us. Especially that they're longer stories that I can really get into. Loved the chapter titles. I always enjoy when authors do that. It's sort of like a little story that's running alongside the main one. Whether the titles are serious, poetic or funny, I don't mind. It always adds that extra layer of interest. Loved the extra quirky personality traits, the foot/sock fetishes, the stop-clock (that was really good!). Both in this book and [b:Learning To Feel|16147286|Learning To Feel|N.R. Walker|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1352786595s/16147286.jpg|21981279], there was obvious work put into the realism of the workplace settings and professions of the protagonists. I liked the rambling epilogue and the out-take. I've seen other authors talking about their fanfiction roots and I often wished I knew what their fanfiction pseudonyms were so I could follow them. So THANKS N.R.!