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Exclusively Yours (Kowalski Family, #1)

Exclusively Yours - Shannon Stacey Funny and fresh romance between two high school lovers who meet again 20 years later. The author has avoided most of the usual plot devices in romance novels and yet is still able to instil plenty of UST and conflict in the story. The banter and family interactions felt really familiar like it could be one of my own family holidays. The secondary characters were so well written they could have had books of their own. ButEven though I really enjoyed the book while I was reading it, afterwards I was struck by its anti-feminist slant. I felt like there was this big moral message that 'Powerful Career Woman' = bad, and 'Stay-at-home Mom' = good. After the author dodges all the usual tropes why does it have to end with intelligent hard working career woman Keri sacrificing all her principles and only being able to find happiness quitting her job, moving across the country, and making babies with the hero. Why did Keri's evil boss have to be a woman? And the other two secondary female characters whose marriages were in trouble basically because they were unsexy nags. It was annoying.