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Ascendance (Dominion Series)

Ascendance - Lissa Kasey I've been reading some really good mainstream UF recently and this book suffered by comparison which meant it got a lower rating than I might normally give. These Dominion stories seem to be getting shorter with each release. In this volume there is nothing added to the original world building and nothing unique, creative or amazing added to the Dominion 'verse. The overarching storyline about the growing power of male witches, the Ascendance/Dominion conflict, the Vampire Council, and Gabe & Seiran's bond did not progress in this book. I feel like the big interesting issues have completely stalled. Seiran doesn't seem to have grown AT ALL as a person. Yes he has more powers but he kept running away from his problems, acting in a juvenile way, not speaking to Gabe, and in general being petulant and whiny for no good reason. In fact he is exactly the same as when we met him in book 1. I liked him then but now in book 4 he is getting on my nerves and I find his foibles less forgiveable. Gabe is great but we hardly see him. Seiran is as usual spending most of his time with Kelly, Jamie and various other secondary characters. And what was the point of him having a sexual fantasy about someone else? It didn't seem to have any reason or effect.Hopefully something interesting happens in book 5 but this time I will be waiting for reviews before I buy it.