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Ricochet - Xanthe Walter Entertaining mash-up of an Alternate BDSM Universe and a fairytale romance. The story is essentially a friends-to-lovers tale set in a world where Doms and Subs and BDSM relationships are the norm, and where gender attraction is fluid. It's a complete fantasy but it's one I enjoyed.Rick is an actor. He's a Dom playing a sub on a popular TV crime series called Collar Crimes. He has a one sub/one night rule and hides a tragic childhood behind his hard partying ways. Matt is one of his co-stars, beautiful but inexperienced as a sub and an actor, repressed and obsessive. Do you see where this is all going? Yes of course you do! These two are a match made in Dom/sub heaven and their fraught and emotional journey to a HEA is a lot of fun.The BDSM is definitely lite but it's an interesting take on the D/s dynamic. The other cast members of Collar Crimes are warm and engaging. They are like a big family really. There are a couple of villains and Sebastian Rule in particular is a bit too moustache-twirling to really be taken seriously. I could see the author's background in fanfiction in the length of the story (which I loved) and in the time she takes to set up her world and all its players.It's funny too. And some clever moments where the author pokes fun at her own 'verse. "Karl made a face. 'Before this, I was in a show that only made it to six episodes before it was cancelled - and rightly so.''Bad huh?''Worse - boring!' Karl grinned. 'It is a sort of scifi thing - a dystopian vision of a universe in which nobody identifies as Dom or sub. It was called Otherworld.' He traced his hand through the air like a title appearing across an imaginary screen.Matt grinned. "ooh - sounds kind of kinky.'Check out the foreword where the author talks about her move from fan fiction to self-publishing and how this book came about. I'll be checking out her ff works and look forward to Daniel and Karl's story. Definitely one for the romantics. Don't let the BDSM label turn you off. Hard core BDSM fans - look away now...