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Bond - Anna Fugazzi 3.5 stars. It's hard to get out of the fanfiction mindset after all that hockey so I'm going through a lot of the stories on the Fanfiction Listopia list (thanks to all the contributors). In this one Harry and Malfoy are the victims of a Bonding curse and have to learn to live as a couple. I find it amazing how well the author re-created the Potterverse. It's written like one volume in the series with a scenario/conflict that's resolved in this book, but plenty of unanswered questions that make you want to read on. Disappointingly however, there is no next book in this storyline. The actors (Daniel Radcliffe and Tom Felton) are not exactly my idea of fantasy fodder so I had to actively try not to think about them while reading. lol. But despite that it was an amazingly detailed and interesting read.