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Hainted - Jordan L. Hawk In the small rural town of Ransom Gap, farmer Dan is raising his two younger siblings after the gruesome deaths of their parents several years earlier. Like his mother before him, Dan is a Haint-Walker, able to help the dead pass on, by force if necessary. Into town comes another Walker, Leif, on the trail of the depraved and powerful necromancer who used to be his mentor. Leif's black garb, piercings and long blond hair make him stand out in the hick town but Dan is instantly tempted despite the need to keep his sexuality quiet. The two men embark on a dangerous quest to find the secrets of Ransom Gap, and defeat the Necromancer.The story of how Dan and Leif come to terms with their tragic pasts, and learn how to use their abilities to save themselves and the town, totally absorbed me. There is a lot of tension and fear as the heroes battle the evil and genuinely scary haints (re-animated corpses). Both men struggle with their grief and guilt, Dan for letting his parents die, and Leif for the things he did while under the necromancer's sway. Their distress and their fear of getting close radiates off the pages. The romance builds slowly just as the danger builds around them but it's obvious that these two are made for each other.Dan's vulnerable siblings, the 'mother-hen' Beatrice and the resentful 'you're-not-my-Dad' teen Virgil add a precious sense of family and something-to-lose that spurs our heroes on. The town and the townspeople of Ransom Gap (friends and foes alike) ground the tense action in a quaint and seemingly harmless rustic backdrop. The part that Ezekiel and Jebediah and other past Haint-Walkers play in the story add a 'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow' feel. I did have some questions about who exactly knew about the paranormal goings-on. It seemed like many people did except the police which didn't make sense.I absolutely loved this paranormal/horror romance. Made me want to jump up and down and write American words like 'squee' and 'awesome'. I've always preferred a bit of darkness and horror in my paranormal romance so if you're the same you will definitely enjoy this book.