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Fighting Addiction

Fighting Addiction - BA Tortuga Interesting story about two men, Markus Kane - a semi-retired country singer, and his one-time secret lover, Sebastian Longchamps - a blues/rock star at the top of his career. The book starts with a cryptic prologue in which one of Seb's managers appears to be embezzling funds from him. Faced with discovery he makes plans to abuse Seb's faith in him even further. Then we move to Chapter One and the story of Seb and Markus starts. We don't hear anything from the embezzler again till about halfway which creates some nice background tension to the romance.B.A. Tortuga has a very distinct dialogue style. Terse half sentences or single words and very few dialogue tags made the writing choppy and unclear. It didn't worry me so much in Just Like Cats and Dogs but I noticed it a lot more this time. There are some good points to this story too. The song writing process is the most organic and believable I've seen in an m/m rocker romance. The fact that the guys are from different music genres (blues/rock and country) made for a nice change. The destructive effects of precription drug addiction and anorexia on Seb's life was well done.The romance didn't sweep me off my feet and the writing style was difficult but I'm glad I stuck with the story for it's interesting plot and different take on m/m romance in the music industry.