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How to Quit Playing Hockey

How to Quit Playing Hockey - Isa K. I can't resist m/m hockey romance. When this well written story opens local league hockey pros Mac and Fritzy are enjoying the off season and their first time living together as a couple. But everything is in flux. They are teetering on the verge of committing, coming out, being promoted to the National Hockey League and being forced to retire. The ups and downs of the out-for-you plot is grounded by a very sensuous love story. These two guys are always loyal and totally in to each other. The sex scenes are not only hot, but they are full of affection and humour. The shaving scene was a standout! What I liked most about this is that Mac and Fritzy didn't act like a couple of big girls. They weren't babyish about their prospects. It felt real, honest and sexy. Duh! I just found out that There's Cock In This Book is the prequel to this story.