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Pressure Head

Pressure Head - J.L. Merrow Great mystery from one of my favourite authors. Pressure Head is narrated by Tom Paretski, plumber extraordinaire, charmer of old ladies, and high school bully survivor, who has a weird ability to find things (and people) who are lost. He's called in by the local police to find the body of a young woman. Also at the scene is his past tormentor (Phil), now a PI, who has been hired by the girl's parents to help find the killer. Phil persuades Tom to use his ability to help him solve the case.Tom's narration is a pleasure to read. Cheeky and vulnerable in turns. He makes a great amateur detective and was totally believable as he gets sucked into the lives and dramas of the suspects. Phil is much less likeable. He stays fairly distant and angry throughout the story. Never really able to get over the guilt for his part in Tom's childhood abuse, and to me he actually seemed to resent Tom for his happiness and ability to get on with life. There is some sexual tension there and I wanted them to get together (which they fainally do at about 80%) but the ending leaves a lot of their relationship unresolved. This story would have to have the most British flavour of all her books. Slang, quaint characters, and corner pubs abound. The mystery also has a definite British flair. I could have been watching a slightly edgier version of Midsomer Murders. I would absolutely LOVE a sequel or series with these characters. Something like Kaje Harper's Life Lessons series or Haley Walsh's Skylar Foxe series. Surely the author can't leave Tom and Phil as they are now? It felt unsatisfying and all I can say is, I want MORE!