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Ethan, Who Loved Carter

Ethan, Who Loved Carter - Ryan Loveless Get the tissues out!! This is the extremely heart-warming story of two young men who have a harder life than most of us. Carter has Tourette's which has left him shy and withdrawn, unable to perform the music that he creates for other people. Ethan has a traumatic brain injury that has left him struggling to fit his limitations and black and white grasp of life into the real world. The two meet and a beautifully touching love story ensues... With Great Sex! (Ethan would want me to emphasise that!)I don't know what it is about heroes with a mental incapacity that makes me enjoy their stories so much. Maybe it's the extra vulnerability that appeals to my protective and nurturing instincts. Or maybe it's enjoying seeing the underdog as the hero. Whatever it is books like this (and Muscling Through and The Epic Love Story of Doug and Stephen) are among my top favourite m/m romances.The secondary characters are colourful and realistic. The labile moodiness of Ethan's younger brother Elliot is perfect, and the matter of fact way that Ethan's parents cope with their sons is refreshing. The author writes with much thoughtfulness, insight and humour into the afflictions both characters face. The foreword is worth reading for the background on why and how the book was written. I highly recommend this book! You won't want to miss it.