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From the Ashes: A Fires of Redemption Novel (Entangled Ever After)

From the Ashes: A Fires of Redemption Novel (Entangled Ever After) - Adrien-Luc Sanders Great m/m urban fantasy with a slight super-hero bent. Ever since the advent of genetic modification of human foetuses, some babies have been born with the aberrant gene. This strips them of emotion at the same time as it gives them dangerous powers. The battle between Aberrants and humans is coming to a head. Spark (Tobias) is the son of the Aberrant leader, his right hand man, and his assassin. He is working undercover at a U.S. university, secretly sabotaging a professor who is working on a cure for the aberrant gene. But another professor at the university (Sean) is getting close to Tobias, making him question his upbringing, his actions, and his newly awakened heart. Plenty of action and conflict in this little gem of a story. Tobias and Sean have good chemistry. I liked Tobias despite the bad things he'd done and was affected by his struggle with feeling emotions for the first time. I was also intrigued by the use of genetics as the cause of these superpowers. Just last night I was watching with horror a report on TV about genetics being able to screen foetuses for different emotions so the topicality of the world-building really drew me in. Only downside for me was that it was too short (novella sized) and felt a bit rushed. I wish I could find more m/m authors who had the inclination to do a full length urban fantasy series like you see in mainstream writing. Nevertheless I'll definitely pick up the sequel to From The Ashes. Highly recommended to fans of Urban Fantasy and Superhero m/m romance.