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Seduction and Snacks (Chocolate Lovers, #1)

Seduction and Snacks (Chocolate Lovers, #1) - Tara Sivec Claire never wanted children but gets knocked up at a drunken frat party at the age of twenty. Move forward four years and Carter, the clueless father of the baby, who been dreaming about Claire all this time, walks into the bar where she works.This book is funny. Really funny. Sometimes too funny. The romance, which is actually very sweet, is often buried under the frenetic one-liners and innuendos. There are so many vagina jokes. It's a Hymen High-Five as one reviewer put it. But while the author does push the boundaries of feminist humour she still creates some totally memorable characters and a sexy love story that steals your heart away. Gavin is so naughty! I cringed as I read some of the things that came out of his mouth. Carter was a great hero. I especially liked all the dorky things about him. His sleep-talking, his fear of Claire's 'Robert de Niro' type Dad, his dazed lust for Claire. Drew and Jenny were two idiots that were perfect for each other. I laughed every time they were on page.I found it refreshing to read something so politically incorrect and I'll probably buy more from this author. Hard to believe this also started life as a Twilight fanfic.