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Scars - Lynley Wayne Jace is an army-vet suffering from severe PTSD. On one of his lonely nightly walks he saves the life of street kid, 19 year old Nathaniel, and they fall in love. This book is a strange mix of realism and total romantic fantasy. The author doesn't pull any punches with Jace's symptoms. He has terrifying dreams and debilitating panic attacks. He is humiliated by people's reactions to his scars and has isolated himself from his family and friends. On the other hand Nathaniel is the ultimate Mary-Sue. He ran away from an abusive home at age 13 and has lived rough ever since, but he sounds and acts nothing like you would expect for someone with that background. He is sweet, pure, kind and nurturing. He immediately slips into the role of Jace's carer and his character stays strangely static throughout the novel, never changing or growing. None of the issues from his past history are addressed. He and Jace fall instantly in love and have amazing gay sex despite neither of them being attracted to men before this.Much of this story had me rolling my eyes, the easy acceptance by Jace's family, the ex-girlfriend/baby development, the insta-love, the fact that neither of them have any job prospects or income. There was waaaay too much sex. But then the confronting nature of Jace's PTSD would rear its head again and I would be sucked back in. By the end of the book the PTSD seemed to be controlled, but I thought it was a bit of a cop out that the control came with the arrival of the baby. I felt that Jace needed to speak to Sean's (his army buddy who was killed beside him) family to bring that element to a satisfying conclusion, particularly since Sean's mum was trying to meet with Jace throughout the story.So this story had good and bad points for me. It would definitely appeal to fans of insta-love and the hurt/comfort theme. Despite my reservations I think the author showed potential and I will probably buy the sequel (? about Rocky) which seemed to be set up at the end of this book.