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Body Magic (Triad)

Body Magic (Triad) - Poppy Dennison You need to read the first book in the series (Mind Magic) before this one or you'll be disappointed. Body Magic picks up right where Mind Magic finishes. According to the blurb this book is about Cade and Rocky but in fact Simon and Gray from book 1 get more page time. The High Moon Pack is just starting to accept its Alpha (Gray) being mated to a Mage (Simon). Representatives of the Were Council arrive to judge the mating but an Alpha from another pack (Malone) has a spy in place to prevent the wedding from going ahead and intends to challenge Gray for leadership. Malone's spy, Rocky, is an Omega who has been abused all his life. He's worried about the Mage/Were mating but his attraction to Gray's second in command, Cade, is changing his mind.I would call this ending a cliffhanger. Rocky and Cade barely make it to a HFN and the threats to the pack from Malone and also a powerful were/mage/vampire killer are not resolved at all. The author didn't spend much time on Cade's and Rocky's romance and subsequently I didn't feel that attached to them. I did enjoy Simon and Gray's ongoing romance though. Maybe we'll get more of Cade and Rocky in book 3 but then we'll have 3 couples to follow and I don't think that would work for me. There is a very cute mountain lion shifter called Riley that would definitely appeal to those who like kids in their m/m romance.