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A Road Not Taken

A Road Not Taken - Jennifer Thorne Enjoyable novella about an eco-activist Jascha who takes in a suicidal young man he finds broken down near his home. They spend a few days together and Jascha's open heart and affection give Peter hope. But they are separated when Jascha is sent overseas to help victims of a tsunami.This story starts off well with engaging portrayals of Peter's sadness and Jascha's eccentricity. But I had trouble at about halfway when, after only 3 days of knowing each other, and no promises or plans about a life together, Jascha goes away for a year. There is no contact between the two during that time. Yet Peter is waiting for Jascha when he comes home and they slip right back into their relationship. This big time jump and unrealistic resumption of their love just didn't ring true. I don't even think they had much of a conversation before they jumped into bed. The presence of the angry and interfering female friend also annoyed me slightly. Nevertheless I'm sure others might not have the same issues as me and it's still a nice read that I think plenty of people will enjoy.