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Poor Little Rich Boy

Poor Little Rich Boy - Kate Sherwood 3.5 stars. Enjoyable tale of Nick, a misunderstood party boy who disappears for ten years after his antics lead to his boyfriend and his family dumping him. He comes back to save his half-sister's life and teach his father a lesson.I was really sympathetic towards Nick throughout this novel and was glad to see him succeed and step up when it counted. His Dad was a character that I enjoyed disliking. Alex was persistently weak when it counted but he also stepped up at the end. I had a good time getting involved with this dysfunctional family and the emotions they engendered. On the downside it felt a little light and formulaic and I would have liked more depth with the story and characters. For me it misses out on that wow factor in a book that makes my heart beat faster or brings a tear to my eye.