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Bombora - Mal Peters An angst-y story about two closeted gay men whose lies nearly destroy their and their families lives.What I liked about it:Great sense of place which the author uses effectively to both ground the story and to make sense of the emotional struggles of the characters.Using three POV's. The lovers, Nate and Phelan, and Nate's brother Hugh, whose gentle and melancholic narrative bookends the story and adds an occasional objective viewpoint to Nate and Phelan's tale.What I didn't like:The lies. The whole conflict is manufactured by Nate's inability to tell the truth to his wife and Phelan and then ultimately (and most incomprehensibly) to his loving brother Hugh. I could accept it at the beginning but after a while it became so incredible and unbelievable that I started to dislike Nate and found it really dumb that the characters couldn't figure things out or find a better way to resolve their issues. At that point it kind of ruined my interest in the romance.There are plenty of flashbacks which I don't usually enjoy but in this case they weren't too overwhelming to the present day storyline. There is a past history of cheating in the book which may put some readers off, although the marriage is already over when the story starts. Despite my strong reservations about the plot and the MC's characters, I actually liked the author's writing style and will keep an eye out for future novels.