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Stockwood Street - Lydia Nyx 3.5 stars. Quite a good post-apocalyptic romance about Evan, who won't leave his ruined house, and Mitchell, the rescue worker who wants to show him a different way. This novella takes place in 2013 after a series of devastating terrorist bombs have torn apart most of the cities in the US. The story doesn't dwell on who did the bombings or the US response. Rather it looks at one small street where survivors are digging in their heels and refusing to go the the camps set up for refugees. Fear, suspicion and violence are the only emotions left and the people are suffering from malnutrition and exposure. Mitchell is drawn to Evan and wants him to leave but Evan has reasons to stay that are not apparent until the climax of the story. At first I couldn't really see what draws Mitchell particularly to Evan apart from feeling sorry for him. Evan's vulnerability was really moving. I must admit I did like this book more for the story than the romance although the MC's do get it on and there is a HEA/HFN ending. It would definitely appeal to fans of post-apocalyptic fiction.Great cover!