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Demons and Lullabies

Demons and Lullabies - Kallysten I loved the first book in this series Fangs and Lullabies and I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great m/m romance with two Dads (Andrew and Nicholas) bringing up a beautiful kid (Jacob). Although it was great to visit with them again, I don't feel that much happened in book 2. In fact I was surprised that it went right back to the beginning and pretty much told the story over again using different snapshots of their lives. We still don't know much about the demons and how they are related to Jacob's birth. And there is another Childe of Andrew's who is introduced but her brief storyline doesn't seem to go anywhere. We do get some new information about Jacob's mum and how Jacob ends up working with his Dads. He also has a romance with a young girl Kirsten. But the main romance in this story is Andrew and Nicholas and even though it's good, it lacks the intensity of the first book. I will definitely buy book 3 because I want to know what happens.