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River Walk

River Walk - KC Kendricks I've been following this unassuming little paranormal series since it was first released. The pairing of honest detective Fallon and other-worldly shapeshifter Sundown is always intriguing and they have plenty of chemistry. The constant fear the Chal have of being discovered and secrets that Fallon and Sundown keep from each other add tension to the story. This 3rd book was slightly less enjoyable than the first two. Juny, Fallon's partner, got on my nerves. He constantly refers to Fallon as queer boy and to Sundown as hooker. Even though he is portrayed as gay-friendly, I found him difficult to like and he has a big presence in this book. Hopefully the next books will feature Juny in a smaller role. I'm certainly interested in reading more about Ozli and I have a feeling the Others (the original masters of the Chal) will be putting in an appearance.Book 1 is The Back Stairs and book 2 is Beneath Dark Stars.