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Moon Shadows

Moon Shadows - Neena Jaydon This new m/m paranormal romance is from the same author who wrote the excellent scifi romance Storms and Stars. This tale is more of a werewolf thriller. The book opens with Theo performing an almost impossible rescue of a young woman trapped in a submerged car. We realize very quickly that he is different, shy, geeky, and a werewolf. He falls very quickly for Max, the brother of the rescued woman.Max is on the surface a successful, confident gay man. Underneath though, he is also hiding a family secret. Like his mother and sister, he is a strong medium who can communicate with spirits. There is a growing menace in the woods around their town. People are being attacked and left for dead and it's clear that it has something to do with malevolent spirits.There's a real twist in the dynamic between shifter and human in this tale. Despite his innate power Theo is submissive and this leads to some very hot (occasionally verging on puppy play) encounters between Max and Theo as they stumble upon their kinks and start to explore them, at first awkwardly, but then with more fervour. They are both quite complex people. Max seems almost cruelly confident at first, disdainful of Theo's timidity and geeky ways, and too sure of his own appeal. He's not interested in anything serious and as the reader I was quite anxious for poor Theo, who was wearing his heart on his sleeve in a very endearing way. The plot is tense and a little scary as the unpredictable shadow spirits do their best to destroy our MC's and their families. I liked the evolution of Max's character as he had to face his childhood fears and become the hero. I loved Theo! There are plenty of secondary characters. Both Theo and Max's relatives and friends have significant parts to play in the action. At 276 pages this is a fabulously long story and I was captivated all the way through. Great read!