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But My Boyfriend Is

But My Boyfriend Is - K.A. Mitchell Great, angsty romance between two guys deep in the closet. Dylan is the younger brother of Aaron from Collision Course and he's a chip off the old block. Refusing to acknowledge his attraction to men, angry at the world, and obsessively close and protective of his twin, Darryl. His world is shaken when his actions lead to an attack on Darryl, who then shuns him and goes to recuperate with Aaron and Joey. For the first time Dylan is on his own.Mike is a trainer with the local football team who keeps his work life and love life separate. He rescues Darryl from his attackers and meets Dylan in hospital afterwards. He's drawn to Dylan physically and emotionally, like he wants to fix him and fuck him at the same time. Their sex scenes are incendiary and the increasing closeness drives them together and pulls them apart on several occasions throughout the story. He's a great character and definitely not overwhelmed by the strong personalities of Dylan and his family.The best part of this novel is the relationship between the two MC's. The dynamics between other characters was frustrating. I found myself angry at Aaron's constant running down of Dylan. I could see where Dylan's low self-esteem came from. He was blamed for everything by his family. Darryl's withdrawal also annoyed me. It seemed selfish and unwarranted in view of Dylan's deep love. But I guess that's the author's job, to make me sympathetic with the hero's plight. Joey of course is totally adorable and sexy as hell. He's got the lot of them tied round his little finger and he shone in every scene he was in.Where it lost a star for me was the ending which felt rushed. Dylan was still protesting that he wasn't gay right up to the end of the novel but then suddenly we were in an epilogue with he and Mike playing happy families. I felt like I missed the part where their lust and reluctant affection turned into love. And I was still angry with Darryl at the end. I needed more grovelling and resolution between the brothers for me to feel fully satisfied. Another thing I had some reservations about was WHY exactly Dylan was so pissed off? The brief allusions to their screwed up mother and imprisoned father were't enough to really make me understand.Nevertheless I enjoyed it. This author really knows how to write emotions and sex and tough damaged heroes and will always be an auto-buy for me. One thing this book will make everyone want to do is reread Collision Course!