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Hard Mated (Shifters Unbound, #3.5)

Hard Mated (Shifters Unbound, #3.5) - Jennifer Ashley Jennifer Ashley's Shifter-verse is gritty and dangerous. The shifters are barely civilised and freakishly powerful. Their spiritual rituals for birth, death and family, are believable and emotional. This novella is about Spike, a tracker who discovers he has a cub to a dying human woman. The really outstanding part of this story is Spike's immediate connection to his cub, Jordan (who is genuinely adorable). It's intense and I could feel his astonishment at this miracle and his instant love for his little boy. Spike's love interest, Myka, is a friend of Jordan's mum and is roped in to help care for Jordan and live in Shiftertown with them. Spike and she fall in love quite fast (too fast really, but hey it's a novella) and have to work together to protect Jordan from an ambitious foe. There's not enough time to really get a feel for Myka, although the author does a fairly good job in the time frame she has. Their chemistry and sex scenes are hot. Couples from previous books also make a strong appearance in this story. Definitely one of the best shifter PNR's around at the moment IMO.