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Sin & Seduction

Sin & Seduction (Seduction, #1) - Allison Cassatta 2.5 stars. Story of exotic dancer Jansen who captures the eye of crime boss Dorian. Mmm... This is more like erotica than a more substantial romance. Jansen is struggling to make ends meet and is ecstatic to get a solo dancing job at the club. He was the victim of a vicious rape in the past which left him needing hospitalisation and surgery to repair the damage. So he's reluctant to enter a physical relationship. Dorian is an unfeeling, unscrupulous crime boss. There are several graphic instances in the story where he is beating someone to death. He seems to rely on snorting coke and E's for the emotional highs and lows he needs. He visits the club regularly to pick up a willing twink but when he sees Jansen he wants him more than the others.That's pretty much the plot. There's lots of internal monologue where both MC's rehash their feelings over and over again. Although I often like that intense introspective style of romance, in this case it's quite repetitive and I skimmed a fair bit. Dorian actually injures Jansen at one point during rough sex which causes one of their frequent break-ups. His gangsta-speak grated at times. I didn't actually like him much. It's a funny story really because the author doesn't shy away from how violent Dorian is, yet the two guys examine their feelings like the worst teen lovers. I'm sure other will enjoy this more than I did.