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Dead Things

Dead Things - Meredith Russell This zombie story starts off well with two guys making a dangerous stop at a creepy gas station looking for fuel. It reads like a scene from a movie. Quite tightly written. But then I was put off by one of my pet peeves - when characters start to act in really unbelievable ways. Take for example the mother Kerry, whose 14yo son Lee is attacked and killed by zombies. Within 12hrs the mother is seeming pretty chipper and that evening plays in a card game with the guys and is 'laughing mischievously'. WTF?? Her child just died! I hate it when authors don't let their characters grieve.The villain Corden has a bizarre amount of power in their little group (only 25 people). Everyone lets him do dastardly things (like inject people with the zombie virus, make guys have sex with him for favors etc etc). Why don't the other people in the group just tell him to fuck off?? He also forces Devin's blind, pregnant sister to go on a dangerous zombie infested trip. Again why not just say no? Incredible things like this littered the story and turned an otherwise interesting novella into a frustrating read. I didn't get a lot from the romance either. Such a shame cause I love zombie stories.:(