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The Square Peg

The Square Peg - Jane Davitt, Alexa Snow 2.75 stars. Story of a bar named The Square Peg which (since the elderly owner's death) is now half-owned by two very different men. Shane, an expat Brit, who is the long-time manager and has a big emotional investment in The Square Peg. And Ben, the old man's neglected son, who wants to shed his stuffy accountant persona and prove he's got the talent and balls to make a go of it.Who could resist that plot set-up. It's fabulously interesting. I continued to enjoy the story of the bar and it's denizens right throughout the novel. But there was also the BDSM element which was fairly poorly handled. The characterisation of Ben as the Dom was bad. I couldn't take him seriously. He is full of tears, self-recrimination, and uncertainty. Quite a whiny girl in fact. Knowing he was inexperienced yet inexplicably ready to engage in abusive/dangerous behaviour with a submissive partner. Slapping/punching Shane in the face for talking to other people in the course of his job was in total conflict with the personality the authors gave him. Ben's domination during the sex scenes felt staged and fake and his Dom-speak felt like it was being read from a script. Shane, on the other hand, as the brash, damaged sub who liked to be knocked around was more believable and appealing. So a promising book which finally was a disappointing read for me.