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Glitterland - Alexis Hall

Gorgeous and clever story about a bi-polar author and the colorful uneducated Essex boy who steals his heart. There's some really beautiful prose in this but occasionally in the beginning it seemed a little overdone. I felt like the author was packing in all the good stuff he'd thought of all those years leading up to his first book. 

Loved all the characters and the handling of the mental health issues. There are so many great lines, so many enjoyable pop culture and literary references. I kept drifting off into a daydream about some word or phrase mentioned in the book. (I actually had a kindergarten teacher called Miss Clutterbuck - although I think she spelt it with a K.) At 21% I had to read the last page because I fell in love with Darian and I wanted to make sure Ash did right by him before I could go on. I always love books that make me cry and this one did for lots of lovely reasons.

I'm jealous of all the f/f fans who must be looking forward to the upcoming mystery series and hoping that the author gets around to writing some more m/m or even m/f one day.